‘The Burial of Kojo’ – a Cinematic Work of Art

Photo Credit:ARRAY

“The Burial of Kojo” is a cinematic portrait of beauty, intrigue, and visual storytelling. The film, directed by Samuel “Blitz” Bazawule, had its Netflix debut on March 31, 2019 and can also be viewed in select theaters in various cities including Los Angeles and New York.

The film tells the story of a Ghanaian family through the eyes of a young girl as her father’s conflicting relationship with his brother takes her through a journey that changes how she views the world and the meaning of life.  Director Bazawule, who is also a music composer/musician, achieves awe inspiring cinematography with the use of music and vibrant colors displayed in every scene, which is enhanced by the beautiful landscapes of Ghana as the backdrop of the film. 

“The Burial of Kojo” is distributed by ARRAY, the independent film distribution and resource collective founded by filmmaker Ava DuVernay in 2010.  Array distributes diverse films by women and people of color.

“The Burial of Kojo” is the winner of the 2018 Urbanworld Film Festival Best Narrative Feature and the 2019 Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) Official Selection.  The film can also be seen in select theaters. For ticket information, go to ARRAYNOW.COM.

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